Who am I?

Growing up, I always knew what I wanted to be. I wanted to be a pilot, in the Air Force. That thought stuck with me, into high school. But life changed, in a blink of an eye. It was one day that changed the course of my plans. I got in trouble when I was 16. I had been arrested for breaking and entering, and destruction of property. Being in the back of a police car scared me, and seeing my mother on the other side of that window crying. Had really caused the situation to settle in my mind. So….what happened? Dreams to do great things. I had grades that were A’s and B’s. I never really got into trouble, other then the typical boy stuff. I go back to a memory in my mind. When I felt the tug of going to church one day….I knew God was calling out to me. I asked my parents, if we could go. Could you imagine their answer? It was no. I felt like that would’ve been the game changer for me then , I would’ve found Christ. But, then I fast forward to present day, and having missed out on that opportunity I now know that it was all in his timing. I’ve had to go through rough battles, and very rough ones too. Today my faith is stronger then it was yesterday. I am leaning on Christ, and surrendering to him. If it weren’t for these things in my life. I’d have no need for Christ. Neither would anyone. So, God let’s us choose free will. He lets us fail. Because our love for him eventually grows like a wild fire. He knows….



It wasn’t until recent time, I realized just how broken we are as people. Sometimes, we go through our days, and not think twice about the world. We are so selfish, and so concerned about just ourselves that the problems in the world are distant. I have read so much scripture lately that, it’s been hard to remember it all. However, a very strong reminder of our Lord and his abilities. In

Psalm 91: – 14-16 msg

“If you’ll hold on to me for dear life,” says God “I’ll get you out of any trouble. I’ll give you the best of care if you’ll only get to know and trust me. Call me and I’ll answer, be at your side in bad times; I’ll rescue you, then throw you a party. I’ll give you a long life, give you a long drink of salvation!”

I am reminded with this scripture, that though I have many problems, and I have no control over my life at times. Or that I feel that my world is swirling down to its death. I have confidence in this scripture that, God is by my side, he is here to protect me. He will save me! And most importantly he is going to be my shield. God is an amazing God, no one thing can come close to having the love that he offers to us, his children. I know Christ is my savior, he is my Shepherd. I have wandered for years looking for nothing, always ending up in life of poor decisions, and making no head way. I know with my faith in him, I will be able to accomplish anything, I will become a part of his flock of sheep. Because he loves me, and created me. He knows my life better then me, so why not let him control my life the way he wants. So I surrender myself to him.


Perseverance leads to CHANGE

Have you had obstacles in your life? I know that I have had many of them. So many in fact, I wonder if I am on a course battling to get to the end. Life is full of them. Finding ways to minimize obstacles is difficult at times. The problem I have had many times, is when I place all my focus on the obstacles, and giving power to those things. Instead, we/I should be focusing on Christ. That is hard mostly because of the war in life. Because of these obstacles I have encountered in life, I tend to focus on those and trying to change them all, instead of Praying and asking God for his strength to flow through me. When I do that I find that I can focus on the Goal that God has set ahead for me, and I have a sense of well-being with a Calling in my life in the Kingdom. Which in turn fuels me, with momentum driven by Christ.

Change –  You can’t tackle every issue of change needed in your life. With the right focus, you start with one obstacle. You PRAY and ask GOD for the strength to over come. Only his power, can give you the ability to conquer that obstacle. Obstacles can be a barrier in your life, they can hold you captive. Change can break those walls down, and never hold you in Bondage again. With God anything is possible. Rebuke satan, and his work. Satan will do everything he can to tear you down, get you to believe that you can’t make it, he will destroy your spirit if you let him. You can be free from fear, lies, deception, worry, anger, and many other things that do not come from God. If you just let God work in your life.

Someone who is just like you

I know everyone isn’t exactly the same, we don’t look alike, don’t talk the same, or any other qualities. But God has made us all the same, he made us in his image of what he knew was beautiful and great. But because we all have free will, sometimes we don’t feel that way. We feel inadequate, in others eyes. I am someone who is just like you. I have baggage, things that have turned me in to who I am today. I’m not proud of who I am. But as each day goes on, I find the goodness and glory of God and his masterpiece .